Great Love for Technology


Emilia Schudy




Developers, developers, developers!!!

This is who we are. We love coding, just like millions of software houses.

We’re in love with iOS, but on the other hand there is this wonderful and sweet platform called Android!

Our life with them is cheerful. There are days when our interest in them reaches its peak... because, to tell you the truth, there is a third player - Ruby, our best companion! Ruby is easygoing and able to maintain so many different changes simultanoulsly. It is a blast! RoR has been the best choice so many times... even at times when we were losing hope in finding the right solution at 5 a.m., Ruby was there for us. Ruby will stay with Beside the Park for a long time to come :)

As with all complicated relationships, we do have our doubts. All of them are based on communication. Bad language - a thrilling memory, promises to never do it again, failures... the temptation to cover up problems with more bad language... This is wrong.

What to do? Love is an eternal struggle and is not an easy thing!

The point is to take control of the language and use it in a proper way.


We value clear language. That’s the reason we have to practice. Almost a decade together and we are fluent in Ruby, iOS, HTML5 and Java. To level up our communication skills we use tools such as AngularJS, Ruby on Rails or CSS3. Bootstrap saved us - now we can adapt to so many different situations! It helps a lot.

The common opinion about programmers is that they do not speak. This is ridiculous!

We do communicate. We stay focused. We have our habits for the perfect exchange of views. To do it efficiently we have assimilated the Agile method - the master of fast progress. This is the basis of our relationship. That’s why we meet up every single day and talk about the most urgent topics. We take care of good planning.

Our number one rule - listen first. It brings amazing results!



When we master the control of the languages we use, we take our relationship to the next level. You know, try new things out, see how we like them. It appeared that we should not squander our resources in UX design skills!

We were always a good friends with designs and pixel perfection, but then we had a challenge to provide not only software, but also UX and UI designs. It was fantastic. Game on! Of course we do prefer to implement the creative part into the software, but in emergency situations you can rely on us - we can provide advice or help with any design changes.



Not that bad. We have skype, we have phone calls and it only takes a few hours max for us to meet. Works OK with us.



You may be wondering why we do all of this, why we care. Money, must be the answer, right? We must run a mint. On the other hand there are plenty of ways to become a rich kid faster. We hope there are! We do this because we choose to do this, the one and only reason.



Our love is growing rapidly. We have to share it. Do you have a labour of love in mind?

You know where to find us.