Lasertag in the Park


Anita S



A rainy aura, an uncharted forest, post-apocalyptic-style buildings, (almost heavy) lasertag weaponry – at first glance it doesn’t seem like the perfect environment for strengthening ties among people. But who said we always pursue obvious and trivial solutions?

On July 21st, the two branches of Beside the Park met at our Poznań office, and after a promising presentation about our mutual achievements and bright future plans we marched out onto the battlefield.

The sun welcomed us with burning heat and no one had suspected it was only a red herring!  As an introduction, we were familiarised with the lasertag weaponry and nearby forest terrain which would serve as our arena. The weather decided to add some flavour to our battle and gifted us with heavy rain, which lasted for almost 3 hours! However, our indefatigable staff wasn’t worried for even one second and perceived these circusmstances as the perfect challenge for a team of brave warriors.

It’s difficult to admit that the Warsaw team definitely felt better in the open-space forest area, but luckily the game wasn’t so easy for them during the round played inside the abandoned buildings. The group from Poznań bravely defended their treasure during this stage - it was a demonstration of perfect teamwork, dedication for the good of the battle, and excellent military strategy. We felt like true brothers in arms!

Satisfactorily exhausted and all soaking wet, we declared peace and regenerated our vital forces beside the appetizing smell and welcome warmth of the grill. No one among us would have predicted that running in a forest and through old tattered building could bring so much joy to everyone!

The major conclusion drawn from this Lasertag event is that bonds between people are forged effectively not in a pleasant and calm environment, but where the proverbial blood, sweat and tears flow! We can’t wait for our future rematch, and we are also more than ready to face the challenges in our workplace. So, brace yourself for the new projects of Beside the Park!