Time zones and languages


Urszula Grassl | Agnieszka Wyszomirska



"Duh, that would be complicated” is what pretty much everyone says - or thinks at least - when first approached about development outsourcing. Well, at Beside the Park we believe it doesn’t have to be so.

For a starter, we’re not that far away. You can make it to Warsaw in less than 2h flight from virtually anywhere in Europe. Add a 20 minutes car ride from the airport to our downtown office. And one flight of stairs if you want to be exact. Bottom line, you can be in and out in one day – or we can come over for a quick visit if you wish.

**[]That also means zero time difference. **We’re working on “CET developer time” meaning same high likelihood of catching someone in the office at 10am and on Slack at midnight.

Then there is the “language issue”. Let’s admit it, in our line of business English is the default language… human to human at least. We all speak English. Even with one another. We are also happy to make small talk in Swedish, German, French and Chinese if you’d like. Languages we are most fluent in though are: Ruby, Javascript, Java, Python, PHP, C and C++. We have the languages covered.

It’s really not that much different than working with a partner team in another town.

Come see for yourself or drop us a line.