Junior Node.js

Warsaw | DUE UNTIL 30.04.2021

Offer Unavailable

If you:

  • would like to develop your skills while getting to know new technologies;
  • want to constantly hone your programmer’s tool-kit;
  • are looking for a workplace with a welcoming and informal atmosphere - then we encourage you to get familiar with our job offer and apply!

Beside the Park is a software development house, where we choose the best technology for a given task. We do not limit ourselves to building solutions only with technologies we are familiar with. We often push beyond our comfort zone, searching for the best solution. That is the reason why we do not specialize in a specific technology - everyone though each one of us has their own favourite tools. Therefore, we place greater value on your skills, logical mind and willingness to continuous learning, rather than extensive experience in specific technology.

What we are involved with:

We develop a wide variety of projects, ranging from advanced technological Bigdata systems which process large quantities of data, to complex systems which manage both mobile applications and web applications, and to beautifully designed frontend projects supporting advertising campaigns.

Presently we are working on an increasing number of projects based on components built on node.js (NestJS, Moleculer, Express depending on the project). For this reason, currently we are looking for people who would like to work with node.js, yet who are also open to expanding their toolkit to other technologies.

We are looking a person who:

  • have an analytical mind,
  • likes to get to know new technologies and learns quickly
  • good knowledge of TypeScript / JavaScript,
  • has had the opportunity to work with node.js or frameworks built on node.s (NestJS, Express, Moleculer),
  • is familiar with project patterns and has good knowledge of databases such as SQL, PostgreSQL
  • competency with GIT,
  • knows English well enough to read technical documentation or to find necessary information.

We would appreciate if you have:

  • knowledge of NestJS or Moleculer,
  • experience with different technologies for example Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, Spark, .Net, java,
  • experience with issues regarding DevOps,
  • a passion for team-based sports (football, basketball),
  • a sense of humor.

In return we offer a workplace where you will find:

  • an informal atmosphere which will support your creative work process,
  • a team which is built on teamwork and sharing of knowledge,
  • the ability to take part in our very own software engineer development program,
  • access to technical literature,
  • elastic hours for individuals who are still university students,
  • individual English lessons with a native speaker,
  • financing of athletic cards,
  • a kitchen with unlimited coffee,
  • regular talks regarding your development and salary.

We invite you to not only create code with us, but also to develop your passion for technology! Program your new year with Beside the Park.