Junior Ruby on Rails Developer

Warsaw | DUE UNTIL 30.09.2018

Offer Unavailable

Hi there, we are Beside the Park, a company where you will find people who love to create new solutions, resolve daily problems and want to help make the world nicer!

If you are looking for an opportunity to develop your programming skills in a fantastic, dynamic and young team, check out our offer and apply now!

We are looking for a person who:

  • loves programming and is constantly trying to write better code
  • enjoys problem solving and creating functional solutions
  • is studying computer science (or a related field) due to a passion and hunger for knowledge about programming
  • knows english and can read technical documentation and find any necessary information.

Are you looking for a team like ours? We:

  • help our clients find the best solutions for their ideas!
  • are willing to exchange ideas on real products
  • are constantly coding, coding and coding
  • are happy to experiment with new technologies
  • have our favorite technologies, especially Ruby on Rails
  • will help you discover and develop your talents
  • like being natural and want you to be yourself
  • all sometimes have long nights, so we have flexible working hours
  • like to talk about salaries, as to have a flexible form of employment
  • are constantly improving our english, we have weekly individual english lessons
  • love coffee, yerba, Pepsi - so we have free drinks in our office
  • like comfortable working conditions
  • know that a good atmosphere, trust and development are a must
  • we want to create a friendly space, one which you will want to come back to.

Contact us, send your CV and meet us! Give yourself a chance to join our team, which is flexible and has huge aspirations!

We will be grateful if you share our invitation with your friends!

See you soon!