New project completed!


Beside the Park



A new and exciting app has enriched the Internet ecosystem!

For our client Vitalfootprint we've built a solution for complying with new EU food information regulations.

An ambitious timeline, sharp deadlines, multiple adjustments along the way, and we can proudly use this endorsement on our website:

"Beside the Park was recommended to us by another start-up that had been working with them and was very happy with the results.

Beside the Park has been supporting Vitalfootprint since August 2014 on the delivery of 2 software products in parallel. We rate them highly in terms of their professionalism, experience, speed, and quality.

The company has a 'personality' and all of the people I have had pleasure of dealing, which has been several, have all been helpful. Beside the Park is led by a guy who understands his business well, and is an excellent project manager.  He is able to empathize with the client and it feels as if they are always willing to reach the best possible outcome for both parties.

We are delighted by the outcome of the our work with Beside the Park. All we need to do now is get some sales!"


[]The solution is built using Ruby on Rails and iOS SDK. The product addresses the needs of various establishments serving and selling food to the public, ranging from small coffeeshops or street food vendors to the national chains and franchises of restaurants or hotels.

The app captures menus, recipes, allergens, nutrition information, diet and venue location data all in one place. It also automates the nutritional calculation of the recipes, categorising  them for a specific diet suitability. The vendors can present and communicate the information to staff and customers through online menus, recipe profiles, and print-outs.


[]The eatjoy App is the perfect solution for people with specific diet preferences or allergies.

You will not have to ask about the ingredients because all the information about an item is at the tip of your fingers. The app will search for meals that match you!

Sounds relieving, doesn’t it? Give it a try!

We look forward to seeing the Vitalfootprint business grow fast.