RoR Workshops - geek edition!


Beside the Park



We are extremely happy to announce the first edition of Ruby on Rails Workshops! Conducted by our programmers’ leader, these workshops for beginners will be a great opportunity to learn some back-end magic:)

But why geek edition? Not that workshops wouldn’t be enough (trust us they would), but we wanted to sweeten the pot with something extra - in cooperation with Nerds’ Kitchen (check them out!) we prepared food inspired by video games (Cheesy Poofs from Fallout 2 for the win), gaming session and photo booth just for fun during workshops! Yes, we are that cool, deal with it.

Event will take place on 10.03.2015, at 6:00 p.m. in our office, on Katowicka 79b/5, Poznań. We can’t wait to meet you!

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