Matt Lewis



Hello world, and welcome to the launch of our glossy new website.

We are living in exciting times. It’s hard to imagine that the app economy is not even a decade old. Before Apple’s App Store opened in 2008, mobile app development was virtually a cottage industry. Now, fast forward to 2014, Apple has seen over 75 billion downloads on its App Store and Google recently passed the 50 billion mark back in July. By year-end, downloads will surpass 150 billion. And with the continued proliferation of smartphones – 1.9 billion of these pocket-sized computers are expected to sell in 2015 – app downloads will continue to soar

If you want to know what drives us as developers, it’s the dynamism, energy and rapid evolution of this exploding market.

But let’s be honest, download numbers are meaningless if this doesn’t translate into revenue: so let’s talk money. In 2014, mobile app revenues are forecast to hit $35 billion, the majority of which will be generated by paid-for apps. If your business doesn’t have an app strategy, then this is money you’re leaving on the table. At Beside the Park, we can help turn your ambitious app strategy into a beautiful, feature-rich, commercial product.

Functionality is important for any app, but as the app market has matured, design and user experience have become vital ingredients in the recipe for a successful mobile or web product. Apps that are stunning and engaging are achieved through skilled design of the user interface and an engineered user journey throughout the app. We’re often asked how we differentiate ourselves from other software developers. It an easy question to answer: we are experts in marrying intricately designed mobile and web applications with the robust engineering that sits under the hood of your frontend app and backend systems

Many of our clients come from advertising and digital media industries – they’re experts in design. For them, Beside the Park is the perfect software developer partner because we’re experts in delivering pixel perfect renditions of their talented work.

One reason for the relaunch of our website is that we wanted to showcase some of the exciting projects we’ve recently worked on for our clients – a portfolio that includes a health app, a hospital appointment booking system, and a platform for managing compliance across the European food industry. Have a look. We think you’ll be impressed.